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LIEBESLEBEN, the umbrella brand for the area of HIV and STI prevention run by the Federal Centre for Health Education, includes a large number of measures that complement each other and are quality-assured. In this way LIEBESLEBEN contributes towards a reduction in the number of new infections, creating a stable level of knowledge in the population about HIV and STIs and towards linking prevention, testing and care services better.

Das Gib Aids keine Chance Logo wird in einer Drehung zum LIEBESLEBEN Logo.

»Gib Aids keine Chance« becomes LIEBESLEBEN

Almost everyone in Germany is familiar with the campaign: for 30 years »Gib Aids keine Chance« – one of the biggest and at the same time most successful prevention campaigns – has shown people how to protect themselves from HIV. But HIV is not the only infection that can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Chlamydia, syphilis and other infections can be passed on during sexual activity. These sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have become more prevalent again in recent years.

In order to meet this current challenge and to prevent these STIs from gaining a foothold we now have LIEBESLEBEN. Using a comprehensive, realistic and ambitious strategy the goal is to reduce the number of new infections, create a stable level of knowledge among the populace and to link prevention, testing and care services better. And these are just some of the goals of LIEBESLEBEN.

LIEBESLEBEN provides reliable advice and talks openly about the subjects of love, sex and protection. To this end the umbrella brand addresses different groups in very different ways; the various media and measures complement and reinforce each other, however:

  • LIEBESLEBEN informs the general population and demonstrates how simple it can be for individuals to protect themselves from HIV and other STIs using a lot of humour and clear messaging.
  • LIEBESLEBEN enters into a direct dialogue via its personal communication measures Verlinkte Seite: Schulprojekt and the Federal Centre for Health Education’s online and telephone advice and in doing so tries to do justice to very individual questions and problems.
  • LIEBESLEBEN has a large number of brochures and information materials that contribute long-term teaching in the field of advice, in school classes and in many other situations.
  • LIEBESLEBEN has the method finder and the advice-centre finder on its website and thereby provides two practical tools to support individuals directly.
  • LIEBESLEBEN uses social media and provides up-to-date information about love, sex and protection on Facebook and Twitter.
  • LIEBESLEBEN has a lot of moving-image that can be seen online and in cinemas – right now: »The Infectastic STIs«!
  • LIEBESLEBEN addresses doctors and provides them with valuable information via factsheets and training programmes to support their work in their surgeries.
Bundesgesundheitsminister Hermann Gröhe mit dem Direktor des Verbands der Privaten Krankenversicherung e. V. Dr. Volker Leienbach, Leiterin der BZgA Dr. Heidrun Thaiss und dem Moderator Ingolf Lück bei der Vorstellung der neuen Informationskampagne LIEBESLEBEN in Berlin.

… and much more

In addition to this plethora of media and measures there are a few further projects that take place as part of the umbrella brand LIEBESLEBEN – as well as elsewhere. The work-sharing co-operation with the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe gives us many opportunities to target specifically those groups particularly vulnerable to and affected by HIV and other STIs. The online platform zanzu addresses migrants and experts in the field in thirteen different languages; the latter group is also supported in its daily work. As part of a joint campaign for World AIDS Day, the Federal Centre for Health Education, the Federal Ministry of Health, the Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung and the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe came together to support solidarity in the fight against stigmatization. And the multitude of research activities gives HIV and STI prevention a quality-assured foundation, to allow measures to be optimized and initiated in accordance with need.

Eine Gruppe steht um das Logo der Kampagne LIEBESLEBEN und unterhält sich.

New Brand – Proven Partners

LIEBESLEBEN is actively supported by many partners: as was the case with »Gib Aids keine Chance« the Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherungen e.V. (PKV) supports the campaign financially. The Fachverband Aussenwerbung (FAW) has made poster spaces all over Germany available for free for decades, the United Ambient Media Group and novum! Werbemedien deliver the messages to the public on postcards and other advertising mediums in bars, cafés, restaurants and the like.

On the expert level LIEBESLEBEN works with many national and international partners: with the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, the Robert Koch-Institut, the Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung, the Deutsche STI-Gesellschaft, the Deutschen AIDS-Gesellschaft, the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft niedergelassener Ärzte in der Versorgung HIV-Infizierter e.V. (dagnä), the Belgian organization Sensoa and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Furthermore there are many co-operative agreements with local health departments, AIDS-support bodies and other advice centres. Last but not least there is a consultation process among experts from the different bodies during the development of the materials.

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