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LIEBESLEBEN has a large number of brochures and other information materials that contribute lastingly to the imparting of knowledge in advice sessions, lessons and many other situations. Our materials are not just visually convincing – quality assurance standards and a largely co-operative development process mean they also ensure that the main aspects of HIV and STI prevention are communicated in a target-audience-appropriate, lasting, and factually correct way.

Image of two different LIEBESLEBEN information brochures.

Clear messages and an appealing look

From flip-books via photo stories to the comprehensive set of brochures – the information materials provided by LIEBESLEBEN have a high recognition value rooted in the uniform design of the visual elements and central messages that is applied across the entire range of materials. This design approach makes it possible to weight the materials in a target audience and subject-appropriate manner, while at the same time creating a link between the materials and other media under the umbrella brand.

It is not just the look that is a winner – the content is too! With its clear messages LIEBESLEBEN demonstrates in its brochures how simple it can be to protect yourself against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Our materials are usually produced in close co-operation with partners such as the Robert Koch-Institut and they undergo various adjustment processes during which the content is processed in line with the current state of knowledge. In that way we can guarantee that our brochures are always scientifically up to date.

Quality Assurance

In addition to an extensive and usually co-operative content adjustment process, our materials are generally tested prior to their publication. Using established pre-test processes we thereby aim to ensure that the content is communicated in a clear manner and that the materials stand up to being used in practice.

Two women sitting beside each other and are looking at a tablet. One woman is explaining something.

Something for Everyone!

The brochures published under the LIEBESLEBEN umbrella are very versatile and take readers’ different levels of knowledge, language abilities and circumstances into account. Some of the materials are aimed at people with little prior knowledge; they present some of the content using pictographic elements. Other media try to reach young people directly by picking up the reality of their lives, by using a photo story for example. Yet other brochures contain extensive background information as well as up-to-date insights from the field of research. This broad spectrum addresses young people and young adults, but also parents, doctors and experts. Our brochures therefore serve several purposes at the same time; they allow us to teach important facts and messages to do with HIV and STI prevention – from correct condom use to the topic of sexual diversity – in an audience-appropriate, quality-assured and long-term manner. It characterizes the materials published by LIEBESLEBEN and results in need-appropriate, comprehensive prevention work.

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