Data Protection Declaration

Protecting your personal data during collection, processing and use when you visit our website is very important to us. As a general principle we collect no more personal data than absolutely necessary. Any data we collect is protected in line with the legal requirements. The Federal Centre for Health Education has taken technical and organizational steps to ensure that the data protection regulations are adhered to. Permission to use of the contact details published on our website by third parties to send advertising and information materials that have not been expressly requested is explicitly refused. We reserve the right to take legal steps in the event that unsolicited advertising materials are sent.

Collecting data when accessing the Federal Centre for Health Education web pages

Any access to the online platform of the Federal Centre for Health Education and any access to a file is only stored and processed, for the purpose of defending against and tracking security-relevant access to the materials, for a limited period in a protocol file. The protocol file contains data about:

  • browser type and version
  • operating system used
  • the website which referred you to us (Referrer URL)
  • pages and files you accessed on our website
  • the website you visit after ours (by clicking an external link on our website), if any
  • the date and time of your visit
  • the Internet Protocol (IP) address, anonymized in abbreviated form

Web Tracking / Web Analysis

For the purpose of optimizing our website, the Federal Centre for Health Education uses the web-tracking tool »Piwik«, which is operated on our own server. The use of Piwik takes place in conformity with data protection regulations in the spirit of the recommendations made by the Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein (ULD). The IP addresses are immediately anonymized by Piwik; therefore it is not possible to identify site visitors. The anonymous statistical data are stored separately from any personal data you may supply, and do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about specific individuals.

Rejection of Web Tracking

Under the terms of section 15 sub-section 3 clause 1 of the Telemediengesetz (Telemedia Law, TMG), website visitors can refuse the creation of user profiles on the basis of their anonymized visitor data, so that this data will not be collected any more in the future. If you wish to object to the collection of user data, please uncheck the control box. This stores a Piwik deactivation cookie on your browser.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you open certain sites or access certain functions. Cookies cannot be matched to specific individuals and do not contain any personal data. Cookies do not cause any damage to your computer and do not contain any viruses.

The Federal Centre for Health Education’s online platform can still be used in its entirety even if you do not accept cookies. If the acceptance of cookies is activated in your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera), our website will store three cookies on your computer. Two cookies are employed to enable use of service functions and the internet ordering system. They are stored on your computer for a maximum of 24 hours if you do not delete them earlier manually or unless your browser’s settings are such that all cookies are automatically deleted after a session is over.

The third cookie is stored by our web analysis tool Piwik. You can find further information about this, as well as your right to refuse this under the terms of section 15 sub-section 3 clause 1 of the TMG (see above), under the heading Web Tracking/Web Analysis. This cookie is stored on your computer for a maximum of seven days if you do not delete it manually or unless your browser’s settings are such that all cookies are automatically deleted after a session is over.

External Content

The Federal Centre for Health Education uses service functions of external providers on its website. If you access those pages it is possible that cookies will be stored on your computer and that your IP address will be given to the external provider. To find out about the purpose and extent of the external provider’s data collection, as well as the further processing and use of such data, please read the data protection declaration of the relevant provider.

The following external services are used:

Collecting and Using Personal Data

Using the services on our online platform is generally possible without giving personal data. However, for some services and applications it is necessary for you to provide personal data, since you would not otherwise be able to take advantage of the service you seek. Whenever the option exists on the website for users to enter their personal data, this action always takes place on a voluntary basis on the part of the user. The personal data given on a voluntary basis (title, name, address, email address, date of birth, personal photos, videos etc.) are only stored, processed and used in a machine-readable format for the purpose for which the user provided them, as long as no permission was granted for them to be used in another way.

Collecting Personal Data for the Purpose of Ordering Media

If you want to order information materials, we ask you to give us certain personal data. These could be your company name, your surname, first name, title, email address and potentially your phone number. You have to be authorized to give these personal data. We expressly wish to point out that it is not permitted to order in someone else’s name without the knowledge of the recipient whose name is given. This contravenes our ordering conditions and would constitute an improper use of our ordering system.

The data are stored and used for the purposes of fulfilling the order. In the case of an improper use of our ordering system we will use the data to protect against further cases of improper use as well as to obtain information about the cases.

Collecting Personal Data for Individual Services

If you subscribe to the Federal Centre for Health Education newsletter, for example, or you want to register for other individual services (chat, forum, member areas etc.), we will ask you to give certain personal data. We will ask you for the data that the Federal Centre for Health Education needs in order to make the relevant application or service available to you. Depending on the application or service, we will ask you for data such as your title, your surname, your first name, your address and your email address.

Passing On Your Personal Data to Third Parties, Use, Storage Length

If you order information materials on offer and/or you register for individual services, your personal data will be used within the Federal Centre for Health Education and by the companies involved in mailing out the brochures or providing the individual services. We will not pass on your details to third parties without your consent. We have taken technical and organizational steps that ensure that current data-protection regulations are adhered to by us and by the external service providers. The personal data you give us when ordering media are stored for a period of three months after the order process has been completed (i.e. from the date of delivery of the complete order or from the date when all financial obligations have been met, as the case may be). We do this in order to be able to answer any questions about the orders. After this period is over, the personal data are deleted. The personal data given for the use of individual services are stored until the user unsubscribes from the relevant service.

If a request is made via the contact form, the GROSSE FREIHEIT registration form or by email to the Federal Centre for Health Education, your data will only be used for corresponding with you. This correspondence will take place in part via the service provider (Sinus – Büro für Kommunikation GmbH, d-SIRE GmbH & Co. KG), a company tasked by us with the editorial oversight of our website. This service provider is bound by the data protection regulations and will not use or pass on your data improperly.

Social Media

The social media platforms give a federal agency such as ours an excellent way in which to communicate, link up and be close to people. For that reason the Federal Centre for Health Education has decided to build a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. We are happy for you to inform yourself about our work and communicate with us there too.

We would like to point out here that neither the terms of use of the services cited, nor their operators, are under the control of the Federal Centre for Health Education. For our part we will still handle your data with care, but we accept no liability for the behaviour of the operators or of third parties.

We wish to point out expressly that the operators of the social media we use for communication purposes store data long-term outside Germany and that they use this data for commercial purposes. To what extent and for how long this data is stored is not transparent to us.

The Federal Centre for Health Education takes the debate about data protection on social media very seriously. We follow the debate and the checks by the relevant authorities and we ourselves regularly check whether we can continue our social-media presence under the given data-protection conditions.

We would like to ask you to check in detail what personal data you, as a user of social media, are revealing. Please regularly check your privacy settings on your social networks.

The Federal Centre for Health Education uses »social plug-ins« on some websites (e.g. Like Button, Tweet Button and others) through which you can share contents via social media. The Federal Centre for Health Education uses privacy-protection options here to prevent any data transfer to the social-media providers when you visit our site. Such data transfer only takes place when you actively click on a relevant plug-in.

Right to Be Informed

You always have the right to information regarding the data stored about you, the origin of that data and the recipients, as well as about the purpose of its storage.

Further Information

Your trust is important to us. That is why we want to be accountable to you at all times regarding the use of your personal data. If you have questions that this data-protection declaration was not able to answer, or if you want more in-depth information about something, please contact us any time.

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