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LIEBESLEBEN on Social Media

In recent years the way we use the media and the way we communicate has changed massively – Facebook, Twitter and the like are no longer seen just as places of private exchange; instead they are increasingly used as sources of information. That means they are very significant for any communication about health and in particular about HIV and STI prevention. For this reason »social media« is an indispensable component of LIEBESLEBEN’s media and measures mix.

LIEBESLEBEN on social media can be found here:

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LIEBESLEBEN currently provides reliable information presented in an entertaining manner on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Giphy. Addressing different target groups, this umbrella brand provides trusted information about preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) on all of these channels.


The LIEBESLEBEN Facebook page is mainly aimed at people for whom the messages and contents of HIV and STI prevention are particularly relevant, such as young people and young adults. The content is designed to be varied, to provide information in an entertaining manner and to be reliable, while addressing everything important to do with love, sex and protection.

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The LIEBESLEBEN Twitter channel is primarily aimed at experts working in the field of prevention as well as at amplifiers in politics and the press. It provides daily updates about the latest epidemiological developments, studies, media and materials from the field of HIV and STI prevention as well as about sexual and reproductive health rights in general.


The LIEBESLEBEN Giphy channel is aimed at the general public and features some of the GIFs we use on Facebook and Twitter. You can use our GIFs in messengers and address all topics related love, sex and protection.


The LIEBESLEBEN YouTube channel is aimed at the general public and also serves as an archive of all LIEBESLEBEN clip formats, which range from our cinema spots to street surveys and to our animated, humorous cartoon clips. The infectastic STIs can also be found there.

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