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Prevention in Doctors’ Offices

While the population in Germany is now well-informed about HIV, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), their symptoms and potential consequences are much less well-known. Alongside many other participants in the field, doctors also play an important role when it comes to preventing, quickly diagnosing and treating STIs. To support them LIEBESLEBEN offers various measures that are tailored to the doctor’s surgery environment, to the needs of the surgery staff, and to the needs of doctors’ patients.

Factsheets for Medical Staff

To support doctors LIEBESLEBEN, in collaboration with medical bodies, professional associations and the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), has produced a number of factsheets containing an overview of the spread, transmission, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of STIs. The factsheets that have been developed so far deal with chlamydia infections and HPV vaccinations; a factsheet about hepatitis is currently in preparation. The materials are currently only available in German.

A young woman is sitting opposite her doctor. Her facial expression is showing curiosity.

Materials for Patients

LIEBESLEBEN also offers patient information material for use in doctors’ surgeries. Expert bodies, professional associations and the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) have helped create posters for waiting rooms along with flyers about chlamydia infections and the HPV vaccine. Materials dealing with hepatitis are currently in preparation. The materials briefly explain the different causes, symptoms and potential consequences, as well as protective measures and treatment options. The information materials can therefore support doctors at work, while indicating to patients in the waiting-room that the medical staff at the surgery are happy to address these subjects. The materials are only available in German at this time.

»Sexual Health and STIs« – A Training Service

In the event of an STI, patients need more than just good medical care – they need comprehensive advice about sexual health. Many people are affected beyond just the clinical symptoms; they experience restrictions on their sexuality, stigmatization, and fear of passing on the infection. This is a challenge for medical staff, because talking about the very personal topic of sexuality requires sensitivity and communication skills. For this reason, the blended learning curriculum »sexual health and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)« has been developed for doctors in co-operation with the Deutsche STI-Gesellschaft and in close collaboration with further expert bodies and institutions. This training programme consists of three days’ attendance along with two e-learning units implemented and overseen by the Westfalen-Lippe medical association. During the attendance period, the acquired knowledge can be deepened and communication can be trained on the basis of case studies.

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