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Prevention in Moving Images

Sexuality education spots for television and cinema have always supplemented the print and online materials about HIV and STI prevention provided by the Federal Centre for Health Education. The line »Tina, how much are the condoms?« that Hella von Sinnen shouted through the shop in 1990 became a cult line for a generation and still shapes the image of the Federal Centre for Health Education’s prevention work.

And Action!

By using moving images the messages advocating protection issued by the LIEBESLEBEN campaign can be condensed down to a few seconds and made easily accessible to the target group. This is why clips have always been specifically aimed at certain aspects of prevention and target groups ever since they have been used in HIV and STI prevention. Up until a few years ago this largely took place on television and cinema screens; but for a few years now there has been a growing number of clips on social media. These clips include current and very popular formats such as »The Infectastic STIs«.

  • Image of the character Trippo Tripper (gonorrhoea) holding up a sign with his name.
  • Image of the character Feig Feigwarze (genital warts) holding up a sign with his name.
  • Image of the character Chlam Chlamydie holding up a sign with his name.
  • Image of the character Hepp Hepatitis holding up a sign with his name.
  • Image of the character Philis Syphilis holding up a sign with her name.

»The Infectastic STIs«

In addition to the real world, virtual words in the form of social media are increasingly becoming an avenue of communication and a place for discussion of messages about health. It is here in particular that moving images in the form of various clip formats can be used quite effectively. LIEBESLEBEN has created a brave and lively element in prevention work with its »The Infectastic STIs«: five humorous characters, each of whom have a different sexually transmitted infection (STI), conquer the social internet in amusing clips.

Chlam Chlamydie, Trippo Tripper (gonorrhoea), Feig Feigwarze (genital warts), Hepp Hepatitis and Philis Syphilis – they all teach the LIEBESLEBEN messages with a lot of humour, emotional empathy and striking looks; their primary target group is young people and young adults who are active on social media. Their short stories about infection and protection, failed dates and selfies connect them to their target group and also make them a helpful companion to prevention work taking place locally.

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