The Cartoon Campaign – Achieving Prevention through Lots of Humour

The first poster campaign to be run under the LIEBESLEBEN brand works with attention-grabbing cartoons. A successful mix of humour and clear information sensitizes the population to the subject of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and motivates them to use condoms. The cartoon motifs reflect the colourful diversity of sexuality, while their humorous approach contributes to an open discussion of the subject matter.

Clear Messages in the Multimedia Mix

The motifs of the cartoon campaign will be shown on 65,000 large poster advertising spaces all across Germany from May to November. These posters will be supplemented by advertisements, online ads and clips and ambient media, such as postcards in bars and cafés. The work the prevention experts are doing on the ground will be supported by giveaways.

All of these campaign elements have two core statements: »use condoms« and »if you have the symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection, see a doctor«. All the different media elements also point towards further sources of information, particularly on social media and on the website

Strong Partners

The preventive work done by the Federal Centre for Health Education has been supported by robust partners for many years now. LIEBESLEBEN is also a beneficiary. The Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherung e.V. (PKV) supports integrated communication about HIV and STIs. The Fachverband Aussenwerbung (FAW) has made poster advertising spaces available for free for many years. The United Ambient Media Group GmbH and novum! Werbemedien GmbH have allowed the Federal Centre for Health Education to distribute postcards and other advertising tools in cafés, restaurants and other public places for free, also for many years. Not least thanks to this support our cartoon campaign has a very long reach and is seen by many people all over Germany.

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