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It’s your love life. Protect it.

You do not change one of Germany’s bestknown brands for no reason. Ever since 2010 STI prevention has been closely linked to HIV prevention in Germany. The established umbrella brand »GIB AIDS KEINE CHANCE« was not suitable as a messenger for integrated communication about HIV and STIs. In order to make synergies more usable while at the same time ensuring that the broad range of topics and the large variety of goals pursued can be achieved with the same means, the new umbrella brand »LIEBESLEBEN« was developed.

»LIEBESLEBEN« gives HIV and STI prevention a new home – one that is much more oriented towards a wide range of topics. Regardless of how the focuses will shift in the coming years or even decades, this brand will be suitable as an umbrella for the campaign. The brand name »LIEBESLEBEN«  (»LOVELIFE«) makes it clear very quickly what subject matter is the intended object of communication. It evokes positive associations and stands for the complete breadth of sexuality – from romantic love to lust and passion. As such it is well suited to addressing the whole population and individual target groups on an emotional level.

By the way: You will also find information about HIV and STIs, sexual and reproductive health in thirteen languages on the online platform Zanzu.

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